“We are blessed to be a blessing“ – this is one of our deepest convictions as a family and as a church. We are thankful that God faithfully cares for us. We want to pass on this generosity. Together as a church, we have already been able to have such a positive impact on our surroundings, country and in this world.

Through REACH we become a part of the answer every year. We become one with God’s heart for the needs of our society. Through local and global projects, we enable people to get to know Jesus. We expand our home, encounter needs and injustice and globally plant dynamic churches at the heartbeat of time. No matter what your possibilities are: each one of us can do something and through this make a difference. Hereafter we will present the individual projects. We warmly invite you to become part of REACH 2019. Imagine what we can do together!

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support.

Sergey & Natasha Mzhuga,
Lead Pastors, ICF Tel Aviv